Siemens Real Estate

Design and Permit Planning Maximum-load Plant

First Part of an Ensemble

As a first step for the implementation of our building plan we designed a maximum load hall including outside facilities. Since the building is located in a water pollution control zone with particularly strict environmental conditions we also provided the soil and contamination survey needed for building permission.





Thinking Rationally

Turbine assembly as well as the production of large and heavy generator casings require adequately dimensioned tools in order to achieve the high precision customary in the steel industry. According to the detailed specifications crane loads of up to 200 tones had to be accommodated as well as clean and exact manufacturing. We developed a basic module for the fitting integration of the production structure for turbines.


Creating a New Production Sphere

The sophisticated design as a double-nave hall takes some of the visual weight of the existing hall away from the new building. Other than the usual hermetic volume, we provided large glass panes for the upper part of the building to allow for natural lighting.

  • Project Info

    Client: Siemens Real Estate

    Location: Mülheim an der Ruhr

    Building Volume: 269,000 m³

    Construction Costs: 11.5 million EUR

    Team aib: Philippe Vernin, Markus Meyer

    aib Services: Design and Submission to Local Authorities


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